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Create and Register a Team Car

Here is a quick cheat sheet for how to create a team and enter your Car in a LEMONS race.

Firstly a team/car needs a captain. Once you have decided this, the captain needs to log into the members area:




The captain can then go into the Teams section to see their teams.


To create a new car team click on Create new Team and fill in the details


Click Add Team to save it.


Once your car team is registered, you can enter it in a race so people can join the team. Click on Race Dates to see the upcoming events


Click on the event you want to enter in and from the drop down select your car team and driver details


Once you have entered your Car you can invite people as either drivers or Crew.

If you look under Race dates again you will see the event you are now entered in:


Click on it to open the event.

The captain can pay for himself, the car and any other team member. Team members can only pay for themselves.



To invite people to join your team, simply put their email address in and the role you want them to play and press invite. If they are an existing member they will be added to the team immediately.



If they aren’t an invitation email will be sent asking them to register. Once they register and enter an emergency contact they will be added to the team.


If someone is already registered they can join the team too. When they log on they can go to Teams, then Join Team


From there they can select the event, team and position from the drop downs:


Once joined they will appear in the list of drivers/Crew