OK… So you’ve finally dragged your sorry butt off the couch and decided to become a ‘real’ racing driver (or crew member)! Before you get OFF the couch though, check behind the cushions (and in the girlfriend’s handbag) for some loose change – you’re gonna need to spend SOME money to join the madness…

Each Driver’s fee for a 3 days of fun on the track is $560.00 + GST = $616.00 per race.

The price for your jalopy / rocket ships registration is $360.00 + GST = $396 per race. If you shared this across 6 drivers in your team that is only $67.00 each to get it on the track…. No excuses you cheapskates!

This should give you several hours of race time each and covers everything track related – registration, facility/track hire for 3 days, AAA Pit pass, rescue and retrieval of your sorry asses, Marshals, in-car radio receivers (one-per car), transponders (so we can find you if you ‘go bush’), commemorative crap and the sheer honour of being in 24 Hours of Lemons and raising money for damn good causes… Prostate Cancer cure!!!

The 24 hour non-stop day/night event costs more for the car at $585 +GST = $643.50 and $785 + GST = $863 for each driver.

You need a minimum of 5 drivers per team (you can have more if you want) and we recommend having some Crew members that can stitch your Lemon back together when you break it!

Non-Driving Crew members (the guys that do all the work while you steal the glory) are $70 each.


General admission is free of charge and all ages are welcome. Children MUST be supervised by a responsible caregiver at all times, and particular care is required near the pointy end of business at the track (pits, pit lane, car park, garages, etc).