The Last Hurrah

How Quickly Can A Lemon Go Pear Shaped?

I am still trying to get my head around how quickly things went pear shaped……but the answer is pretty fricking quickly!!
From enjoying managing a business, through messy break ups with personal and business partners and then just when things looked like they were looking up..
along came COVID to cripple the business and…. Well you know the rest.

The Good

It was an amazing 5 year journey with some fantastic memories of some of the wildest people ever to grace a car event with their presence and presents (Bribes)!
A final thanks to all the wonderful competitors who made the event what it was…. A shitload of fun!
Whilst we didn’t break any speed records other than how quickly the judge could turn crappy or aggressive driving routine into a corporal punishment,
we set a tone for what would be arguably the best fun racing event ever to grace the Australian shores.
The tracks that were skeptical initially, ended up approaching us for deals.
Hell, we even got you onto two of the wildest tracks in Oz, The Bend and Thunderdome, without killing or maiming anyone for Christ’s sake!
I understand Motor Events Racing and other people have been booking events to keep you all entertained so there will be life after the Last Hurrah.

The Bad and The Ugly

With the current financial position of the company and without a license agreement to run 24 hours of Lemons,  24 Lemons Oz is unfortunately dead and unsalvageable.
There have plenty of rumors about how this came about but I never set out to hurt any of you or the business.
Liquidators always get their lot first, so I can’t see this ending well for many of you, particularly those who have not been able to seek reimbursement through their respective banks.
It is envisaged that liquidators will be appointed shortly.
For this I apologise unreservedly.

I made many friends at these events over the last 5 years and had lots of help from many of you in that time.   A heartfelt thankyou.
I am extremely upset on the financial impact this will have on some of you. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me one day.
For those who have already reached out to me…. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.
Yours Sincerely,
Sean Herbert
Ex Supreme Commander